Advanced Flooring Systems

BluePrint Ceramics can offer advanced flooring solutions for both residential and commercial projects. We can assist with the technical issues that may be encountered such as underfloor solutions, over tiling on to existing raised metal panels and timber flooring.

Designers may face problems with installation time and wet trade challenges, BluePrint can offer solutions with our advanced floor systems that enable us to provide highly technical high-performance flooring.

Our systems offer an extensive range of sizes which include large format lightweight porcelain slabs.

Internal Raised Floor Access

Modern developments often have a requirement to accommodate underfloor technologies and cable, where these factors need to be considered the floor design becomes paramount. BluePrint internal raised access solutions offer a hi-tech product that allows for easily removable panels to allow unprohibited access to the cavity beneath.

Overlay System

This system offers a solution to overlaying onto existing timber floors or raised metal panel systems. This hi-tech solution removes the need for plywood substrates and anti-fracture technologies while still maintaining stable durable flooring.

External raised access decking

BluePrint 20mm porcelain collections can be easily installed onto grass substrates simply by following the recommendations set out here: trace the encumbrance of the slabs and dig the substrate up to 3 cm. Then apply a layer of gravel to ensure perfect drainage and proceed with the installation of slabs always checking the planarity of the surface.

Our 20mm options can be installed onto gravel substrates simply by placing the slabs adjacent to one another or creating pathways by installing individual slabs onto the gravel support. It is also advantageous to integrate, below the layer of superficial gravel, another layer of gravel and or pebbles to ensure perfect drainage. This installation solution is functional, quick and with a strong visual impact.

For raised installation, 20mm slabs are installed onto supports with a distance of 3mm between adjacent slabs once the underlying footing has been duly layered with water-proofing materials. In this way, there is a technical gap below the foot-plan that can be easily inspected by lifting the slabs

Compared to standard thickness tiles 20mm slabs, installed using the traditional technique, offer a higher resistance to loads which is particularly suitable for carriageable floors.

If you need any further technical advice regarding our Advance flooring systems, you can contact the team by emailing