What is CPD Accredited Learning

Continued Professional Development (CPD) is a term used to describe learning activities that professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities.

CPD aim to combine different methods of learning such as training workshops, conferences, seminars and e-learning.  The idea is to focus on improving the professional development of the individual.

Chartered Architects are obliged to undertake 35 hours of CPD training every year and are expected to amass at least 100 learning points. An architect can award between one and four points for every CPD activity undertaken based on the individual’s personal assessment of that activity.

What Do BluePrint Ceramics Offer:

BluePrint Ceramics have CPD accredited learning material available to learn at your own leisure from the comfort of your home or office.

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We offer seminars in video format that can be viewed at your own leisure at your own pace all in the comfort of your own home or your place of work. The CPD will be sent to you on a USB stick ready to watch along with the CPD Learning Pack. Once you have watched the CPD in full you will be able to download your certificate. The CPD can be paused and restarted when you want without having to start again.

Seminars Available:

An Introduction To Tile Specification
Slip Resistance and Visual Contrast
Specifying and Maintaining Tiling that meets Regulations.
A Guide to Specifying 20mm Porcelain
A Guide to Specifying Sustainable & Eco Friendly Tiles
A Guide to Specifying Large Format Tiles

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