Light reflectance testing is a measure of visible and usable light that is reflected from a surface when illuminated by a light source.)

This type of testing is important to be carried out as certain surfaces need to contrast visually with their surroundings. This is particularly important in wall-to-ceiling junctions, wall-to-floor junctions and exposed edges. This type of testing is designed to help disabled members of the public including those who are visually impaired.

LRV is the total quantity of visible and useable light reflected by a surface in all directions and at all wavelengths when illuminated by a light source. LRV is a measure that tells you how much light and colour reflects and how much it absorbs. The LRV scale runs from 0%-100%. Black can be assumed to be 0% and 100% can be assumed to be a perfectly reflective white.

Designers & architect use LRV testing in numerous stages of colour planning in projects. Careful planning of colour use is paramount on design projects, this can include individual surfaces, outdoor surfaces, ramps and stairways.

In response to the ever-growing need for this test to be carried out BluePrint can offer LRV testing using our state of the art LRV Meter. In a matter seconds we can be given the LRV. Now that BluePrint can offer this exclusive service design professionals can feel confident with this easy and accurate method of colour matching designs to any of our BluePrint tile ranges.

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