This is the brand new collection of porcelain stoneware prepared by BluePrint Ceramics. This is such a project that offers a re-interpretation of the different types of wood of fruit trees. The uniqueness lies in the veining effects, the distinctive gnarls and the compact fibres. The natural version of these materials is traditionally limited to furniture making and also the design of different objects and constructions. These are now re-interpreted with porcelain stoneware; the extraordinary woods have new usage for the floors and walls for both the commercial and residential setting. This is one of the best patterns of ceramics you can get.


200x1200, 225x1800



Slip Rating




Water Absorption: ISO 10545-3 0.1%

Frost Resistance: ISO 10545-12 Resistant

Flexual Strength: ISO 10545--4 >50N/mm2

Abrasion Resistance: ISO 10545-6 <150mm3

Chemical Resistance: ISO 10545-13 UA ULA UHA

Side Straightness: ISO 10545-2 Conforms

Rectangularity: ISO 10545-2 Conforms

Impact Resistance: ISO 10545-5 >0.80

Material: Porcelain

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Type: Basket Mesh 1
Size/s: 300x300
Type: Long Step
Size/s: 300x1200
Type: Bullnose Battiscopa
Size/s: 72x600
Type: Basket Mesh 2
Size/s: 300x300
Type: Line 1
Size/s: 200x200
Type: Line 2
Size/s: 200x200
Type: Mosaic 1
Size/s: 300x300
Type: Mosaic 2
Size/s: 300x300
Type: Mosaic 3
Size/s: 300x300
Type: Mosaic 4
Size/s: 300x300
Type: Twist 1
Size/s: 223x447
Type: Twist 2
Size/s: 223x447