Sustainability has become an important factor in the day to day business operations of most major companies over recent years. Political pressure, not only in the Euro Zone but also internationally, has led to many of our clients wanting to ensure that the tiles they specify on their projects are environmentally friendly. At BluePrint Ceramics we take sustainability very seriously and work with our suppliers to ensure that our products comply with our objectives wherever possible.

Corporations and their combined carbon footprints are becoming ever more important factors and BluePrint Ceramics are no different ensuring we work with hauliers and suppliers who share our attitude to the environment. Our supply chain and logistics network has been analysed and optimised to ensure that the environment has been considered in the course of our company continuing to trade.

Our range of ECO TILES which you can identify on our site as they show the ECOLABEL are manufactured using eco friendly materials and the process by which they are made is as socially responsible as possible. These sustainable tiles are designed from reclaimed raw materials and using low concentrates of combining agents and volatile organic compounds. As well as being an environmentally friendly tile, Eco Tiles retain their high quality finish and lifespan as per traditional ceramic and porcelain tiles.

We can supply sustainable Eco Tiles in a large range of colours and sizes without the need to limit the design potential of any project. They are lightweight ensuring ease of installation and reduced shipping costs and are as effortlessly removed as they are fixed by professional tile fixers. As well as being an easy to clean tile, they remain resistant to mould and other potentially harmful intoxicants which can cause issues for people with certain allergies.

BluePrint Ceramics has ambitious plans to extend its current range of Eco Tiles and further implement the company policy to be as sustainable as possibly in our daily operations. As part of our commitment to implementing this policy we recently created a short video on the ceramic tile production process and how our suppliers link our environmental objectives into the tile manufacturing process, you can view the video below:

Our specialist team has an extensive knowledge of our Eco Tile range and how it can benefit your organisations sustainability or carbon neutral policies. By using our Product Selector you are able to filter our tile range by ECOLABEL to see what is currently available. If you are looking for a particular tile design or size that we are not displaying on the website then speak to one of the team today as we have access to a wider portfolio of Eco Tiles.

BluePrint Ceramics – Committed to sustainability.