VIP Invitation

Every home, office and commercial space understands the benefit of tiles in adding to the beauty of the environment in which it is used as a major tool of interior design. Every year has also been blessed with technical improvements in the manufacturing process to unveil new and trendy designs that meet users’ requirements and needs. The tile manufacturing companies thrive on this innovation and research to discover these trends. With 2016 come new designs and trendy products that clients old and new will discover. Also interior designers need to check all these various designs in order to give their clients innovative design ideas.

Surface Design show is an annual design showcasing event that affords various distributors, designers and suppliers the opportunity of displaying a range of tile products each year. This is why it is held at the beginning of each year for designers as well as architects of varying categories to draw inspiration for their work. A lot of individuals and companies have come to trust this showcasing exercise in order to have a solid footing for their businesses each year.

Exhibiting tiles at Surface Design

Apart from being an arena for innovative display, it has served as the basis for further design innovation for another year because inspiration for better production of varying categories of tiles are usually drawn from existing ranges. This is why people look forward to this period every year. It is also an avenue for different professionals to meet and exchange contacts that can further lead to business expansion. Surface design show comes with lots of benefits for those who are progressive and love new developments within this exciting industry.

BluePrint Ceramics, known as a leading tile distributor as well as supplier in the UK, are always interested in exhibiting at this annual show. They ensure their clients are kept abreast of any new information and innovation regarding tiles. They have come up with a number of new 2016 tile collections that are irresistible to all categories of tile buyers from private to commercial. In order to enlighten you on these new designs, they plan to be part of this year’s Surface Design Show, which will take place at Business Design Centre, London between 9th and 11th February, 2016.

Having exhibited there with great results and success for 3 consecutive years, BluePrint Ceramics are inviting all their customers, new and old as well as other interior designers and architects who do not want to miss out of the 2016 tiles to visit them at stand 300 where they can tap into this innovation. This is their location for showcasing latest designs in tiles for the New Year. A special arrangement has also been made for those who would rather prefer an online preregister opportunity in order to gain free entrance into this showcasing venue.

Some of the trendy tiles are Tangle, Terrazo Hex, Navigate, Creative, Tonality, City, Float and Hex Wood. These are specially manufactured with unique taste that further enhances professionalism and aesthetics. Tonality and Navigate product ranges are great examples of exciting new tiles to feature in our 2016 collection.


    Everybody at BluePrint Ceramics would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

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