Pendulum Testing

A PTV test is a reliable robust method that measures the slippiness of a floor. With slips and trips being the most common cause of injury in the workplace the pendulum test method is the only method that is recognised by the HSE.

The test is carried out using a Pendulum tester, this piece of equipment measures the slip resistance of a floor covering.

Pendulum Testing Machine

The measurement that is taken is between 125mm & 127mm as that is where the foot slider will make contact with the floor before leaving again and creating a reading.

The first part of the test is a dry test and will be carried out on a completely dry surface. The next part of the test will be carried out on a wet surface in three different directions. The 4th & 5th measurements will be recorded.

Slip ratings are categorized into 3 values from High slip potential, moderate slip potential and low slip potential.

High slip potential will measure a PTV reading of below 24, a medium slip potential will achieve a reading of 25-35 and a low slip potential will measure a reading of above 36.

PTV Values

In terms of floor tiles, we can award tiles an ‘’R’’ rating once the test has been carried out.

  • R9 = 11-18 PTV
  • R10 = 18-34 PTV
  • R11 = 34-54 PTV
  • R12 = 51-70 PTV
  • R13 = 70+ PTV

The PTV is an invaluable test that allows us to make relevant choices when it comes to choosing tiles for projects and ensures that the relevant safety standards are met.

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UKSRG Pendulum Test Method for Shod Pedestrians